St Louis SEO & Web DesignBack in 1997 when I started playing around on the Internet, I found the idea of building websites very stimulating.  It allowed my creative juices to flow and I could come up with some awesome concepts.  Over the years I’ve built hundreds of websites.

My web design career took a right turn in 2004 when I stumbled across SEO.  I soon realized that there was much more to building a website than just building a website.  Once that site is built, you can’t just let it sit there. No one will come.

And so began my career as a Search Engine Optimization specialist.  It has become my passion.  Taking other websites and ranking them at the top of Google, Yahoo! and Bing makes my customers happy and their bottom line increase.

So with all that said,  if you are wanting to do an SEO campaign, and you need a website or a website redesign, then I’m your guy.  Hire me and let’s get this baby going.

But if you just want a website, we can do that too.  You’ll have a site that’s already optimized for the search engines and ready for prime time.