Keep Your Foot on the Gas

Everyone knows that losing weight takes time.  It’s not something that you can decide to do and it just happens after a few minutes on a treadmill.  It’s the application of constant pressure to your muscles that makes them stronger.  And that constant pressure makes your body start to burn its fat reserves – thus […]

Beginner’s Guide to Pubcon

Pubcon is one of the nation’s biggest SEO-related conferences, with upwards of 3000 people attending it’s Vegas event yearly. It has been going for many years, and hosts some of the most terrific panels on everything from social media to video. I’ve never been to a big conference like Pubcon, so I didn’t know what […]

Fix Your Front End

Does it matter if your site uses the www. at the front of the domain? Here’s a great SEO tip that nearly no business owner is aware of. Did you know that a simple 4 lines of code can help your website move up the rankings?  Those lines can take any visitor that comes to […]

SEO Seminar ‘Failure’ – Lessons Learned

For four years I’ve taught HTML, Blogging, Internet marketing classes and more at the local branch of the public library here in my town.  Over the years, I’ve fine-tuned my classes into two hours of jam-packed information.  I’ve received “rave” reviews since I started, and have been told many times that I need to get […]

SEO Isn’t an Expense, It’s an Investment

Many business owners see SEO and related services as an expense instead of an investment.  This line of short term thinking has long plagued many a SEO business. So what can the average SEO do about it?  Well, we can educate them (assuming they are willing to listen).  We can show them case studies.  We […]