The last time I updated the theme on this site was 2013. It wasn’t even secure, wasn’t mobile friendly. So it’s about time I did something about it!

Good news it, my business is doing well and because of the systems we’ve built, and the people I’ve hired, I have more free time to do things like this.

I’ve missed having a blog that’s not necessarily about just SEO. I’ve been blogging on the RCM site for around 8 years now, pounding out a ton of content.

Funny thing is, it still ranks well, and brings in decent traffic. Not bad for basically being abandoned for 6 years.

I did use the hiatus to do a few fun little SEO tests, including getting a few PBN links (which did bump the site’s ranking about a million points in aHrefs for a short time, and got me to page one of Google for some good SEO terms) but that was about it.

Nonetheless I’m back, and will be blogging mostly around business, finance, my kids (and grandkids), and probably other random things. I’ll probably share some good business tips from time to time, too.

For what it’s worth, this new theme is The7 from ThemeForest. I’ve probably built a good 30+ websites on this theme, and along with Avada that number is probably closer to 50. I love the diverseness of the theme, and with the new The7 Convert Plus built in I can now cancel my OptinMonster account, as it builds CTAs right on the site, and integrates nicely with ActiveCampaign.

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