Class Order# 20130507 – 07 MAY 2013

Mission Overview: Fully Understand WordPress

map-with-pinMay 7, 1800-2030 (6:00-8:30 PM)

Mission Details

This is a beginner class for WordPress. Whether running a business website or just a blog, we’ll go through all the various options and make sure your site is set up for success.

Mission Goals (Actionable Takeaways)

Platoon Members:

This mission only has room for 10 attendees.

Bootcamp Cost: $79

Accept MissionThis bootcamp costs $79/person.  The average ‘Google Plus Local Optimization Bootcamp’ costs around $499.  For only a fraction of that cost, you’ll learn how to fully optimize your Google+ Local listing, how to get listed on other similar search engines, and how to boost your listing to the top for your main keywords.

Coffee, soda and breakfast snacks provided!

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