Class Order# 20130413 – 25 JUN 2013

Mission Overview: Optimize Your WordPress Site for SEO
Tuesday June 25, 1800-2030 (6:00-8:30 PM) – Register

Mission Details

Wordpress SEO Class

WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) on the market.  Many small and large businesses throughout Saint Louis use this platform to not just blog, but to run their entire online presence.

Because of its ease of use, and “search engine friendliness’, a properly optimized WordPress installation can really help your business, traffic and revenue grow.

In this bootcamp we’re going to dig into some great optimization tricks, plugins and tweaks that can help your website really shine.  Come ready to make changes, get some great information and build your website bigger and stronger!

Mission Goals (Actionable Takeaways)

Platoon Members:

This mission only has room for 9 attendees.

Bootcamp Cost: $99

Accept MissionThis bootcamp costs $99/person.  The average ‘WordPress SEO Bootcamp’ costs around $399.  For only a fraction of that cost, you’ll learn how to fully optimize your WordPress website for more traffic and better conversions.

Coffee, soda and breakfast snacks provided!

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