Order# 20130521 – 21 MAY 2013

Mission Overview: Website SEO Audit & Enemy Reconnaissance

Tuesday May 21, 1800-2030 (6:00-8:30 PM) Register

Mission Details

seo-auditIn this class we will take you through every step in our SEO audit process. We’ll take apart your website and make sure every part is running at 100% efficiency. If something is broken, we’ll fix it.

Another very important part of understanding what you need to do online is to understand what your competition is doing. Taking their information and using it to your advantage will propel your website to better rankings and more visitors. You’ll learn the tools needed to spy on your competitors and use that information to boost your rankings.

Mission Goals (Actionable Takeaways)

Platoon Members:

Accept MissionThis mission only has room for 8 attendees.

Bootcamp Cost:

This bootcamp costs $159/person.  If you were to hire us to do this exact same audit, we’d charge you $449.

Free snacks and beverages included!

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