Well today is a big day in the RobinHood world. I don’t normally put much money into RobinHood, and the reason is exactly this – they don’t currently offer the ability to purchase fractional shares.

But today I received an email saying that it’s just around the corner, and this is great news. Now Joe Average can start to purchase pieces of Amazon, Tesla, Wal Mart, whatever, without having to have thousands of dollars to invest.

Ten bucks? Fifty bucks? Yeah, that’ll get you a piece.

And that’s awesome news for many.

I’ve become a huge fan of M1 Finance for this reason, plus the fact that it auto-adjusts with the market, and I get to watch my money grow over time.

As of now, you can get in line for the beta release of the fractional share capability – here’s link. When I got in line, I was the 289,642 person. So get over there quick!

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