Many small businesses are clueless about Internet Marketing – particularly smaller Mom & Pop businesses.  For many (and in some cases many many may) years, marketing meant spending money on a Yellow Pages ad and perhaps sponsoring a local baseball team or getting a booth at the Home & Garden Show.  These things may still work, but it’s not the 60’s any more.

These hyperlocal businesses have relied on the uniqueness, and have never even considered taking on the big guys.  They are run mostly by older folks who are not yet ready to embrace the Internet, nor the technology related to it.  Heck, even talking some of these people into getting a website is a chore.

This is all about to change, as these ‘older’ small business owners start to retire, they are going to either

No matter what they choose to do, the younger small business owner crowd will be more adaptive to the newer technology.  While some of these new owners may still be older than the Apple IIe generation (remember using that in school?), a majority of them are going to be more receptive to websites, Internet Marketing and even Social Networking.  That means you still have a shot at getting their business, but you’ve gotta take it slow.

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