Earlier this week I wrote a post about content, and if you haven’t already read it, you should.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Content – no, great content – means more traffic, shares and links.  But there’s something else that great content does: it increases your expert status.  Want to be perceived as the expert in your industry? Create.

Want to be perceived as the best vaccuum dealership in the area? Create content that helps answer questions about vaccuums. cleaning, and dirt.

Be an expertWant to be perceived as the smartest bagel maker in your city? Create videos and share pictures of your food on your blog and social sites like Pinterest.

Want to be perceived as the best deck builder in your town?  Build a series of how-to’s for DIYers and guys doing their weekend honey-do’s. When they can’t finish the job, or the wife gets frustrated with the pace, guess who they are likely to call? The one they already assume is an expert – you.

Perception is Reality – to Some

You’ll notice in the above examples I never said you are the expert in that industry.  There will very likely always be someone who knows more about your craft than you, but that doesn’t matter.  Perception is reality.  By answering a question that a website visitor had for you, you are now the expert in their mind.  Even if they don’t employ your services or buy your product today, you’ll still be a step ahead of your competitor when it does come to time to buy.

I really want to drive this home – being perceived as the expert in your field leads to more money, plain and simple. And building consistent, quality content is the way to get there.  Create, be perceived as the expert, and reap the benefits.

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