Can You Control the Way Your Listing Looks in Google?

File this one under: Huh! I didn’t know I could do that! Many business owners don’t realize that they can actually influence and control the way their listing looks on the search engines.  Changing a few things on your website can dramatically increase ranking, click-throughs and of course website traffic.  For purpose of example, I’m […]

You Got the Website Redesign Bug – Now What?

Have you been looking at your website lately and wondering what on earth you were thinking when you first had it built? And now that the ‘redesign bug’ is in your mind, are you freaked out by the overwhelming choices and decisions required to get your new website online, looking pretty, and search engine friendly? […]

Keep Up or Get Out

When I started web design back in 1997, I dove in head first, creating cheesy animation-full websites.  It was fun, we all did it. As time progressed, and I started getting clients, I’d need to be a bit more creative, so I’d simply look for another website in the clients’ industry (but in a different […]