If I Were A…St. Louis Dentist

Today is part one of a series called “If I Were A…” – in which I’ll take various professions throughout the Saint Louis area and show just what I’d do from an online strategy perspective.  First up – a dentist. Prerequisites There are some assumptions we’ve got to make here.  The dentist should already have: […]

Interview: David Siteman Garland from The Rise to the Top

Today’s interview is with David Siteman Garland, CEO of The Rise to the Top.  David bills TRTTT as The #1 Non-Boring Resource for Marketing Like an Entreprenuer: Smarter, Faster, Cheaper.  His website is an awesome resource for anyone who is getting started or already in business.  He also hosts a weekly TV show on ABC. […]

SEO is Dead in St. Louis

There’s a very huge untapped SEO market in St. Louis. It’s sitting just under the surface, waiting to boil over. Can you find it? Every time a potential client from the Saint Louis area calls me, I’m honestly baffled by the lack of SEO – both on their part and that of their competitors. I […]