Happiness is the Goal

As a parent there is nothing you want more in life than for your child(ren) to be happy. Nothing. No, I mean it. Nuh-thing. You see, there’s something that happens inside when you become a parent. I wouldn’t call it strange, or weird, it’s just…well, different. In an instant, whether you feel it or not, […]

The Right to Be Forgotten

Once a picture or video of you is shared on the Internet, it is nigh on impossible to remove the content.  However, sometimes our pictures, videos, or other information find their way to the Internet without our consent, and it can be extremely challenging to wipe them off of the Internet. It almost as though […]

Business Growth and Laziness

lazy kitty

If someone were to ask me about my business, and what was one of the worst decisions I ever made, it’d be an easy answer – I got comfortable in my success. I’m very blessed to be able to a business owner.  For many years I trudged through the corporate world, hating it more and […]