Review: Introduction to M1 Finance Webinar

M1 Finance Beginner Webinar

Today I attended a free webinar from M1 Finance, a great investment app that lets you do some pretty cool things. About M1 Finance This app is mostly for investing in stocks, and I believe it’s for beginners as well as more seasoned individuals. The app is available on both iPhone/iOs and Android devices. Setting […]

I Finally Got My Financial Education at Age 46

financial education - money down the drain

Three weeks ago I had an epiphany, and I’m totally embarrassed by it. At 46 years old, I’ve always heard that credit cards are bad, bad, bad. Because of that, I’ve avoided them like the plague. I’ve had one or two over the years, but didn’t manage them well, and they damaged my credit. So […]

Saving a Sinking Ship

Last week I received a phone call from a lady that needed help with her online presence. SEO, web design, Facebook ads, etc. We’ll call her Valerie. Valerie is into alternative healing and “can speak to the dead”. Not exactly a mainstream business. Two years ago, Valerie said she was swimming in leads – 30-40 […]

My eBook Publishing Experience – 1 Year Later

Hourly SEO Rates

On January 15, 2013 I launched my first ebook, a tutorial on setting up Google Authorship for WordPress. The book didn’t do too bad – nothing like the gurus of today tell you an ebook can do, but it didn’t bomb either. Below is my 12 month income report from the ebook. Launch – January 15, […]

SEO Isn’t an Expense, It’s an Investment

Many business owners see SEO and related services as an expense instead of an investment.  This line of short term thinking has long plagued many a SEO business. So what can the average SEO do about it?  Well, we can educate them (assuming they are willing to listen).  We can show them case studies.  We […]