Hey SEO Guy: Why Aren’t You Following Up On Back-Link Requests?

link building

Though many small businesses don’t have the time or motivation to digitally market their business and website, there are a fair few website administrators that are the complete opposite. For years it has been common for websites administrators to reach out to other websites and network with them in an attempt to garner more back-links. […]

Is Google Authorship the New SEO Currency?

Authorship Currency

I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve heard this:  Content is King, Links are Queen.  It’s the same mantra that’s been said for many years throughout the SEO industry.  But there’s a new player in town – Google Authorship. Back in early 2013, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said, Within search results, information tied to […]

Link Reclamation: The Most Important SEO Task You Aren’t Doing

link reclamation

Remember that guy from high school, the one you hung out with all the time until graduation? What ever happened to him? Remember thinking how cool it would be if you could reconnect? Thanks to the power of social media, and Facebook in particular, reconnections like this are taking place every day.  People are finding […]

Link Building Myths

Link Building Myths

Its funny how things change. Two years ago, 90% of SEOs were telling their clients to build links – lots of links – and to do it by whatever means necessary. I have to admit, early on I even fell into this line of thinking, because it worked. Automated software could easily build you an […]

Inbound Link Expansion

Inbound links are the most overlooked and probably misunderstood part of building a successful presence on the web.  Many small business owners put big effort into building their website up nice, have lots of great content, and spend a lot of time and money doing so.  But when it comes to getting links, they have […]

Use Google Alerts to Enhance Your Link Building Strategy

Sphinn this article I’m a big fan of Google Alerts. I love letting Google scour the web for me and provide me with a nice little email that tells me about (and links me to ) new articles about a particular subject that I may be interested in. For example, I run a very local […]