Traffic From Misspelled Domains

On most SEO-related blogs, you’re usually served with worn out, used up tips.  By the time you hear about the things that really make a website pop, or some newfound traffic method, they’re out of date.  This makes sense, I mean, when John Smith SEO finds out about some great traffic generator or tweak, he’d […]

Fix Your Front End

Does it matter if your site uses the www. at the front of the domain? Here’s a great SEO tip that nearly no business owner is aware of. Did you know that a simple 4 lines of code can help your website move up the rankings?  Those lines can take any visitor that comes to […]

Domain Names and Good Ideas

How many times have you run across a great domain name, got all excited about what you could do with it, and then just dropped the ball? This is definitely a problem that I see developing in myself lately.  It’s not really that I lose interest, but rather that I have (paying) clients who I’d […]