Is Google Authorship the New SEO Currency?

Authorship Currency

I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve heard this:  Content is King, Links are Queen.  It’s the same mantra that’s been said for many years throughout the SEO industry.  But there’s a new player in town – Google Authorship. Back in early 2013, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said, Within search results, information tied to […]

Build Your Own Expert Status

Be an expert

Earlier this week I wrote a post about content, and if you haven’t already read it, you should.  Go ahead, I’ll wait. Content – no, great content – means more traffic, shares and links.  But there’s something else that great content does: it increases your expert status.  Want to be perceived as the expert in […]

SMBs Win With a Solid Content Strategy

Creating a content strategy

This past week in Vegas has taught me one thing above all others, and it’s going to sounds like a broken record to many. Content is your ticket to fame. I use the word fame loosely, as fame to you could be more leads, increased sales, or more traffic. Whatever fame is to you, creating […]