Fix Your Front End

Does it matter if your site uses the www. at the front of the domain? Here’s a great SEO tip that nearly no business owner is aware of. Did you know that a simple 4 lines of code can help your website move up the rankings?  Those lines can take any visitor that comes to […]

Getting to Second Base with a Small Business

Many small businesses are clueless about Internet Marketing – particularly smaller Mom & Pop businesses.  For many (and in some cases many many may) years, marketing meant spending money on a Yellow Pages ad and perhaps sponsoring a local baseball team or getting a booth at the Home & Garden Show.  These things may still […]

Five More Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Ranking

As a followup to my first post Five Things You Can Do to Your Website Right Now to Achieve Higher Rankings I thought I’d give you another five. Hopefully you’ve already done those, and you’re ready for a few more. Here goes: Add a meta description tag to your home page Really you should add […]

Five Things You Can Do to Your Website Right Now to Achieve Higher Rankings

Most people hire a web designer based on a very fragile set of criteria, mostly because they have very little knowledge of the design process or industry.  Since about 95% of “web designers” don’t understand the marketing side of web design, they fail to realize that they are not helping their clients by ‘doing what […]

Tip: Keep an Eye on Your Competition

Certainly over the months or years you’ve been marketing your wares online, you’ve come across a few key competitiors that you’d love to keep tabs on. Part of keeping in tune with the niche you are in is watching the competition to see what they’re up to. Visiting their site(s) all the time trying to […]

Targeting Your Competition (Without Mentioning Them)

This post should be of interest to those of you delving in SEO (aren’t we all at some level?) to help better target your SERPS. In particular, I’d like to talk a little about targeting your SERPS for phrases that don’t even appear on your website. Is this possible? You bet.