Mobile Search Reaches 60%

mobile search

Mobile searches have overtaken Google searches on traditional devices like laptops and desktop computers. In fact, according to Google, more than half of all Google search queries are sent from mobile devices, which includes smartphones, tablets, and similar devices. In fact, a Hitwise report concluded that mobile searches in the US account for roughly 58% […]

Amazon Removes Phone Numbers from Seller Central Orders

Today many Amazon vendors have awaken to find out their orders no longer include a phone number. While this one small change seems insignificant, if you call your customers to verify orders (and keep returns to a minimum), this one small change can be devastating. At first glance, I see this to be a move […]

What an SEO Professional Actually Does

A lot of small business owners have similar questions regarding SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But this term has been overused and abused to the point it has started to lose the purity of its meaning. And some people that refer to themselves as “SEO professionals” can’t genuinely help small businesses market their products and services. […]

What You Need to Know About Keywords, Density, and Cannibalization

Keyword Rich Domain Name

Keywords are frequently the first thing anyone new to the world of SEO is concerned with. But even though they are one of the most fundamental concepts and factors regarding why pages rank well, there are a lot of website administrators and SEO professionals that need a refresher course to make sure they are still […]

Google News and Updates on Accelerated Mobile Pages

Staying current with the latest search engine updates is the only way to survive in the constantly changing world of SEO and SEM. And late in 2015, Google released news that accelerated mobile pages would become a ranking signal that, in part, determine a website’s overall ranking in the SERPs. However, there are many benefits […]

The Lottery Bandwagon and Your Business’ Impending Doom

This week’s biggest news (besides the unfortunate passing of David Bowie) is the PowerBall lottery. With it’s biggest estimated jackpot ever at $1.3 billion dollars, everyone is excited about the insane amount of wealth it may bring. Unfortunately, I’ve seen some people (business owners and social media idiots) doing some things that may end up […]

The Latest Critical WordPress Vulnerabilities

Keeping up with the latest security threats in the WordPress realm is crucial to the success of any business that has an online presence. If you fail to adapt your website to the latest threats and protect your code, your online credibility and organic traffic could become extinct faster than the dinosaurs. Believe it or […]

The Right to Be Forgotten

Once a picture or video of you is shared on the Internet, it is nigh on impossible to remove the content.  However, sometimes our pictures, videos, or other information find their way to the Internet without our consent, and it can be extremely challenging to wipe them off of the Internet. It almost as though […]

Saving a Sinking Ship

Last week I received a phone call from a lady that needed help with her online presence. SEO, web design, Facebook ads, etc. We’ll call her Valerie. Valerie is into alternative healing and “can speak to the dead”. Not exactly a mainstream business. Two years ago, Valerie said she was swimming in leads – 30-40 […]

WordPress: The Best Platform for SEO

Wordpress for SEO

With each passing month, there seems to be more and more content management systems and web platforms popping up on the Internet. They all seem to make big promises to offer top-of-the-line SEO while still being extremely easy to use. Unfortunately, they talk big and act small. Some of them are decent, but many of […]