RobinHood Introduces Fractional Shares

Well today is a big day in the RobinHood world. I don’t normally put much money into RobinHood, and the reason is exactly this – they don’t currently offer the ability to purchase fractional shares. But today I received an email saying that it’s just around the corner, and this is great news. Now Joe […]

Review: Introduction to M1 Finance Webinar

M1 Finance Beginner Webinar

Today I attended a free webinar from M1 Finance, a great investment app that lets you do some pretty cool things. About M1 Finance This app is mostly for investing in stocks, and I believe it’s for beginners as well as more seasoned individuals. The app is available on both iPhone/iOs and Android devices. Setting […]

Site Revamp – It’s About Time!

Website Rebuild

The last time I updated the theme on this site was 2013. It wasn’t even secure, wasn’t mobile friendly. So it’s about time I did something about it! Good news it, my business is doing well and because of the systems we’ve built, and the people I’ve hired, I have more free time to do […]

I Finally Got My Financial Education at Age 46

financial education - money down the drain

Three weeks ago I had an epiphany, and I’m totally embarrassed by it. At 46 years old, I’ve always heard that credit cards are bad, bad, bad. Because of that, I’ve avoided them like the plague. I’ve had one or two over the years, but didn’t manage them well, and they damaged my credit. So […]

Make it to 46

Today is a critical day for me in my life. You see, when my Dad was a mere five months from his 46th birthday he received the worst news possible: lung cancer.   Well, I’m that age today.   It’s funny, for the longest time I’ve always told Carol I just wanted to “make it […]

Happiness is the Goal

As a parent there is nothing you want more in life than for your child(ren) to be happy. Nothing. No, I mean it. Nuh-thing. You see, there’s something that happens inside when you become a parent. I wouldn’t call it strange, or weird, it’s just…well, different. In an instant, whether you feel it or not, […]

How Adjectives Affect Your Digital Marketing Strategy

I live in a relatively small town about 30 miles from a relatively large city, and I’ve come to love adjectives. Adjectives? Yes, and as a business owner, you too should fall in love with them. You see, there are vast differences between good content and outstanding content. There’s a vast difference between having a […]


Today I’m sitting in a Starbucks, streaming Pandora and writing, well, this. While for many people this is no big deal, to me it is. For 17 years I worked in one capacity or another for the US government. Between my military service and then subsequent contractor roles, I always had a job. And I […]

12 WordPress Plugins That Make Your Business Website Even More Badass

One of the best things about WordPress is that you can easily and effortlessly add functionality to your website in a matter of minutes by using plugins. But they are both a blessing and curse. Some people get so addicted to installing plugins that their website suffers and doesn’t load as quickly as it could […]

Hey SEO Guy: Why Aren’t You Following Up On Back-Link Requests?

link building

Though many small businesses don’t have the time or motivation to digitally market their business and website, there are a fair few website administrators that are the complete opposite. For years it has been common for websites administrators to reach out to other websites and network with them in an attempt to garner more back-links. […]