I’ve partnered with several Saint Louis based advertising and marketing agencies – providing a great new revenue stream for them and more clients for myself.

If you have a client who is:

…then I can help.  Through the 5-Step SEO Process, I optimize, create and manage content and links related to your client’s entire online presence.  I’m doing it for several agencies and could do the same for yours.

Tracking & Deliverables

call trackingAll of the projects that I work on are tracked through Basecamp.  Clients and agencies get a full view of what I’m currently working on, as well as what’s currently on the To-Do list.  Tasks are monitored and communication is open – a great way to keep the relationship honest.

Every month I provide a website ranking report that shows where your client is currently ranking for on the major search engines.  This report is the lifeblood of the project.

I also provide call tracking for every client.  This service is an essential tool – helping both the client track and record calls, and also giving me some great insight into what the customer is thinking when they contact your client.  This ‘inside man’ gives me an opportunity to learn about customers as well as better target search results and queries.

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Let’s Get Started

If you work for or own a local agency, I’d love to talk to you about partnering and offering my services to your clients as an extension of your business.

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Teaching Your Team

I also offer several SEO training sessions that may interest you and your staff.