I live in a relatively small town about 30 miles from a relatively large city, and I’ve come to love adjectives.

Adjectives? Yes, and as a business owner, you too should fall in love with them.

You see, there are vast differences between good content and outstanding content. There’s a vast difference between having a list and having a quality list. And there’s a vast difference between getting links and getting quality links.

In fact, getting one over the other can liteally destroy your chances of ever ranking well in the search engines.

In the nearby large city, it has been reported that there was at one time (and may still be) 24 “digital agencies” in a four block area in downtown.

Twenty four? Really?

Unfortunately most of these “aencies” are one client loss away from going out of business. In fact, this number was short-lived, and continues to fluctuate. Luckily it is trending downward, albeit slowly.

You see, you can’t just read a few books and get a client or two and suddenly call yourself a digital marketing expert. It doesn’t work that way. Sure, you’ll fool a few folks, get a few clients, make a few dollars, but when they figure out that you don’t really have a clue what you’re doing, they’ll call your bluff and you’ll close shop.

And that’s why the number of shops continues to fluctuate. Eventually the wheat and chaff will be separated, but until then business owners have the unfortunate task of sifting through this minefield to find a company that can actually boost their profits and expand their audience.

A good digital agency isn’t a great digital agency.

Be careful who you hire – they may not be around a year from now!

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