Hi! My name is Will Hanke, I’m an SEO expert with over fifteen years’ experience based in Saint Louis, Missouri. If you’re looking for a consultant in  search engine marketing for your business website, you’re at the right site.

Currently I’m running two SEO agencies – Red Canoe Media and Window Treatment Marketing Pros.

If you’d like to learn more about how SEO can dramatically increase your website traffic (and revenue), check out the last few articles I’ve written on my blog, come learn SEO at my monthly meetup, get a website review/audit or call me 314-514-5SEO (5736).

Will Hanke St Louis SEO Professional

A country boy and third generation Air Force vet (my son is fourth!) from St Louis, MO, I love teaching business owners how to increase their rankings on Google, Yahoo! and Bing.  I’ve been programming computers since the days of the Vic 20 (remember those?), I have a hot wife and an awesome bunch of kids.

What I Do (Professionally)

I’m a Digital Marketer – but what does that mean?

I have a passion to help businesses that are tired of outdated marketing avenues (newspapers, billboards, TV) get targeted online customers and more eyeballs to their website.

Is your website an extension of your business, generating leads or sales or just a brochure?

My goal is for your business to become a big player online. What? There are already several big players in your industry? So what. You work hard, right? Don’t you deserve to be right there at the top when someone searches for your product/service? Yes.  Well then why aren’t you?

STOP wasting thousands of dollars a month on Pay Per Click and untargeted billboards and TV ads.  START using the incredible amount of potential that the Internet has to offer.  Want to be on the leading edge of your industry? Then get rid of those expensive Yellow Page ads and put that money into something that will put you ahead of your competition.

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What I Do (The Rest of the Time)

Outside of my business, I love to spend time on the back deck and in the pool when it’s hot.