There are a lot of marketing experts out there.  Everyone has an idea of what you should do to market your business better.  Truth is, less and less people are using traditional marketing methods such as radio, billboards and print advertising.  The Internet is becoming the number one destination for commerce, research and entertainment. I’m sure you’re thinking:

If I could just corner a small segment of the people searching for my product, I’d have it made!

And it’s true – you probably would. Problem is – without handing over a ton of money, no one wants to help you. I’ve got a couple of ideas for you that may help change that. What is the first step to totally dominating Google, Yahoo!, and Bing?

Establish a Baseline

SEO auditIn most cases, the first step is to purchase an SEO Evaluation of your website.  I need to see how your current website stacks up against basic SEO techniques. Once you’ve completed the evaluation purchase, fill out the form on the post-purchase page.  I’ll run a rank analysis for your website just to see how good (or bad) your website rankings are. Oh – and give me a few days to get it all done for you.  It’s not something I can whip out in ten minutes!

No Obligation

By the way – there is no obligation to hire me after the evaluation is provided. Start Here: Purchase an SEO Evaluation