This past week in Vegas has taught me one thing above all others, and it’s going to sounds like a broken record to many. Content is your ticket to fame. I use the word fame loosely, as fame to you could be more leads, increased sales, or more traffic. Whatever fame is to you, creating a strong content strategy is the way to get there.

Creating a content strategyContent Value

It’s important to understand that there are different types of content, and different values assigned to each one. Content could be a blog post, an infographic, a video or a step by step demo. Anything that adds value and increases the overall size of your site can be considered content. Notice I said adds value AND increases the size.

Simply creating new content isn’t enough. Anyone can create useless content by using an article spinner, writer from craigslist, or even a cheaply bought relative. Don’t do it. And if you are, stop.

No Need to Build Links?

On top of that, one could also argue nowadays that with great content, there is no reason to do link building any more. Great content creates shares, garners links and grows your site, all at once. And the search engines notice these things.

Just as the American dollar goes up and down, so does the value of the content you produce. Create crappy, low quality content and get no shares or links. Create great content and people take notice. And people that take notice have blogs, comment on your articles, and link to your content.

Boom – more links from relevant sources, more people talking about you, and the attention of the search engines. What more could a small business owner ask for?

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